• Wanted: Volunteers willing to demonstrate their superior discernment, acumen, and perspicacity.

    Like any communal activity, academic conferences depend upon volunteers. SIGITE 2013 is no different. Currently, we are looking for people willing to volunteer as paper reviewers.

    Like eating broccoli, reviewing papers is incredibly good for you … but without the bitter aftertaste.

    As a reviewer, you will be able to learn more about the cutting edge of IT educational research and find out more about pedagogy and innovation at other institutions. And at this time of year, when your year-end report for the Dean is coming due, acting as a paper reviewer can help fulfill some of your service requirements.

    So if you are interested in acting as a reviewer, please register as a reviewer using this link.

    For any other questions about reviewing for SIGITE/RIIT 2013, please send e-mail to Ken Baker or Rob Friedman.